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Version: v3


Step 1: Create data sources

You can create a data source through the following two operations. The first is to click the "+" button on the sidebar Data Source or click the Create a Data Source button on the Overview page to create.


Step 2: Set connection information

In the pop-up form, fill in and set the connection information, and click Submit to send.


  • Name: database name, for display, can be modified later
  • Data Source Type: database type, please select MongoDB
  • URL: Please fill in <protocol>://<hostname>:<port> format, such as mongodb+srv:// or mongodb://10.100. 0.8:27017
  • Username: Username used for connection
  • Password: Password used for connection
  • Database Name: The database name of the connection
  • Auth Source: The collection with the user credentials, usually admin
  • Explore Timeout: If the database contains a large number of Tables, it is recommended to increase this parameter so that the Explorer can wait for a longer time

Step 3: Set connection information

After Submitting, the MongoDB data source will display in the sidebar in a few moments, and you can click to enter the data source details page.