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Release v1.55.0

· 2 min read
Canner Dev Team

Release 1.55.0 contains user experience enhancement on pages including activity log and workspace. We also release a new features for case-sensitivity strategy and enabled the Google Sheet.

New Features

  • Case-sensitivity strategy for PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL & SQL Server data sources. If you're connecting to a database with table names that have same lowercased name (ex: orders & Orders), you can choose a strategy that help us connect to the table you want to use. v1.51.1-case-sensitivity

  • Support legacy TLS (1.0 & 1.1) connection with databases.

  • New login users will require EULA agreement.

  • Enabled Google Sheets as a data source in Pro & Enterprise Plan.

  • Support Teradata data source: Users can now choose teradata data source if it's enabled in plan.


  • Fix unexpected behaviors when selecting tables from ElasticSearch.

  • Activity log page performance improvement.

  • Fix Workspace list for breadcrumb.

  • Fix a bug at checking unique name while creating/updating a table/view/materialized view.

  • There's an issue at Power BI Push Dataset / Tableau Publish job error handling part. When data transforming failed, the handler will not notice and cause job failed after an hour or so. We fixed it by enhancing our status check part.

  • Fix Tableau Publish failed if users use DECIMAL with scale > 18. It happens for:

    • Using PostgreSQL NUMERIC type without specifying scale & precision.
    • Using Oracle NUMBER type without specifying scale & precision.
  • Fixed hyper API throw during server initialization.