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Version: v2

Workspace Overview

The workspace is like a virtual data mart in Canner Enterprise. Companies can create different workspaces according to organizational departments, analyze authorized data, and conduct independent operations in each workspace. Source permissions, usage control, data processing, analysis, etc., allow team members to access and collaborate on data.

Independent data analysis environment and secure data access

The analysis environment of each workspace is independent; you can access, integrate, and calculate data in the workspace through the Canner Enterprise UI. Operations between workspaces will not affect each other, but users can selectively share required virtual data with another workspace to achieve secure data sharing.

In addition, you can also track system usage by workspace or user.

Data usage permission control

You can add other users to the workspace according to your needs and grant appropriate permissions for data viewing, computation, output, sharing, etc., to assign authorization for data access without affecting the original data.

Please go to "Workspace Permission Control" to learn more about the workspace authorization mechanism.