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Version: v2

Data Sources

Through data virtualization technology, Canner Enterprise can integrate multiple heterogeneous data sources without moving original data and use MPP parallel architecture to accelerate computing, helping enterprises to establish a fast-integrated and consistent data call center.

Connect data source

You can use the connectors to connect to multiple data sources, including data storage, data lakes, databases, FTP, and other third-party services with one click.

After connecting, the system will synchronize Metadata and Schema of your data source and update them periodically. See connectors in Canner Enterprise for steps to connect to your data source.

Data directory and exploration

You can create data directory in the data source service, including editing and managing the description and label of each source, table, and column in the data source. You can also set the Schema of the data source and whether the directory information can be [publicly searched] so that data users can easily explore, search and better understand the purpose of each data source. For more information about the creation process, please refer to Create Catalog and Discovery.

Data sources access control

You can set the data ownership access of different users in the data source service, including connection settings, data directory editing, data source sharing, data access, etc., so that you can manage, edit and access under secure authorization. Please go to "Data Source Access Control" for a more detailed data source authorization mechanism.