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Version: v2

System Admin and Users

Platform role permissions

Admin (platform administrator)Member (general user)
User management (add and delete users and groups, set personnel roles)
Platform resource control (check user's traffic and usage records on the system)
System status
Billing Info
UDF management (upload/set user-defined function)
Data Source
Basic Settings Page

In Canner Enterprise, the Admin system administrator has the highest authority and can make all changes on the system. Admin can add and delete users, add data sources, and create a new workspace.

How to set role permissions

Step 1: Enter the Members page

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select the Members page.


Step 2: Create users and permissions

After entering the Members page, click the Create a User button in the upper right corner.


Click Account Role in the drop-down menu to set the user as a system administrator (Admin) or general user (Member) permission role.