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Release 1.74.2

· One min read
Canner Dev Team

This is the release note for Canner 1.74.2. It contained renaming and redesigning the user interfaces and the name for our product. New features were added to MongoDB, FTP, S3, and Azure Blob.

New Features

  • Provide new looks for login page and loading page.
  • Add pause and resume function for scheduled Materialized Views. v1.73.3-pause-resume-scheduled-mv
  • Redesign logo as a click button to return to home page.


  • Improve the display of Chinese characters in downloaded files from Jupyter Job.
  • Show more detailed query status in SQL Explorer. v1.73.3-query-status
  • Fix Timestamp precision for tables in python client.
  • Fix bugs for editing ftp(s)/S3/ Azure Blob data sources.
  • Fix the display of maximum number a large value of a bigint type at SQL Explorer.
  • Ensure the correctness for the display of unsupported columns from MySQL, PostgreSQL, and BigQuery.
  • Unable the selection for “today” at the Pause Materialized View window.
  • Minor bug fix for cache function in SQL Explorer.