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Release v1.70.1

· One min read

This is the release note for CannerFlow 1.70.1. It includes enhancements on user experience for Job Scheduler and amendment for FTP data sources. Performances for Tableau publish and Notebook were also improved.

New Features

  • Enhance Job Scheduler user experience.
  • Amend UI and increase information security for connecting FTP data sources. v1.70.1-FTP-new-UI.png
  • Minor dependencies upgrade.


  • Fix data display issues with Mandarin characters from Google Sheet.
  • Improve memory usage for Shared Tables.
  • Improve performance for python Notebook.
  • Minor bug fix for Materialized View in Tableau publish.
  • Improve comparison expression in SQL Explorer.
  • Improve the display of files in Notebook.
  • Fix cast to varchar and varbinary type in complex expression.