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Release v1.65.2

· One min read

Today we are releasing CannerFlow 1.65.2. This version contains exciting new features, where binData from MongoDB and non-ascii characters are supported on our platform. Improvements mainly focused on Jupyter notebook, Tableau.

New Features

  • Support binary data type (binData) from MongoDB.
  • Enhancement on non-ascii characters supports for filesystem-based data sources (s3, blob, ftp).


  • Improve the display for Shared Tables.
  • Amend auto-generated names when creating tables in workspaces.
  • Correct minor bugs in Jupyter notebook and python client.
  • Improve exploring data with time partitioning from Google BigQuery.
  • Improve efficiency for loading workspace and sources beneath.
  • Amend performance for Tableau Connector.
  • Re-design the system architecture of the Jupyter notebook job scheduler.