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Release v1.50.0

· 2 min read

This is the release note for CannerFlow 1.50.0. It includes enhancements on Materialized Views and minor bug-fixes.


  • Improve performance in Python SDK when reading data from CannerFlow.

New Features

  • Show Incremental Materialized View properties on UI We show Source Table, Incremental Unique Key(s) & Incremental Key as properties on Materialized View UI. v1.48.1-mv-props.png

  • Show SQL Query on Activity Log v1.48.1-auditing-sql.png

  • Release Pentaho Kettle (PDI) Plugin Please check Pentaho Kettle CannerFlow Plugin document.

  • Materialized View page UI enhancement We show Data Update Time, Refresh Finish Time & Refresh Status on Materialized View page. v1.49.1-mv-ui

  • Materialized View Refresh History In this version of CannerFlow, you'll be able to see the history of Materialized View Refresh. v1.50.0-mv-history-1 v1.50.0-mv-history-2


  • Connect to MySQL database with TLS v1.2 protocol.
  • Power BI Push Dataset bugfixes.
  • No column showed on tables page after created a new tables with data in MongoDB.
  • Follow-up to delete Power BI Push Dataset when failed to push.
  • Fix Tableau Publish / Power BI Push Dataset rendering bug when we remove a materialized view.
  • Fix table header and body are not aligned properly on SQL explorer page.
  • Fix timezone issue at Jupyter scheduled job, mv refresh, tableau publish, power bi push pages.
  • Fix that "Synced Time" may confused when job is retrying in BI Integration.
  • Fix unclear error message displayed in the Schedule Job "Name" field.
  • Fix mv job retry backoff issue.
  • Fix unclear error messages about license validation reason.
  • Fix reset password page style.