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CannerFlow 2021 Roadmap

· 3 min read

Here's our roadmap of CannerFlow's 2021 Roadmap!

Roadmap in 2021

First Half Year

Data Sources

  • (released) Support BigQuery
  • (released) Support FTP
  • Support Teradata
  • Enhancement on CSV
    • Support CSV with line-break
    • Support CSV with non-utf8 encoding
  • Enhancement on relational database connectors
    • (released) Support Oracle connector number without scale, precision
    • (released) Support PgSQL connector number without scale, precision
    • Fix ObjectID readiness from API on MongoDB


  • (released) Complete feature constraints for different plans
  • (released) Incremental Materialized View
  • Workspace data sharing
    • Users can share table/view/materialized view between workspaces
  • (released) order-by enable switch
    • Users can enable order-by query on settings page
  • Show unsupported columns during exploring data source
  • (released) Enhancement on Python Client
  • Restful API enhancement
  • JDBC Improvement

BI Integration

Second Half Year

Data Sources

  • Support IBM Db2
  • Support SAP HANA

File Suppot

  • Support Excel file format (xlsx only)

SQL Engine Layer

UDF (User-defined Function) / UDTF (User-defined Table Function)

  • Users can define their own business logic into column function & table function. These functions can be used with SQL.

Data Security Enhancement

  • Support data de-identification methods in SQL.

API / Protocol Layer

Enhancement on Restful API

  • Users can create/update/read/delete resources on CannerFlow to achieve automation.

Forward-only data reader API

  • Using forward-only data reader API will steam result into client faster and more stable.

PostgreSQL Wire Protocol

  • CannerFlow can be accessed thru PostgreSQL drivers.

Spark Client Improvement

  • Will support Spark Client with platforms other than AWS.


Data Catalog & Data Discovery

  • Users can put description/tags on tables and columns of a data source
  • Users can put description/tags on tables/views/materialized views of a workspace
  • Users can search workspace & data source using a keyword and browse thru what he/she need for analysis.

Data Ownership

  • A non-admin role can also create a private data source and can set the permission of the data source to other users as a data owner.
  • As a data owner, users can share private data source to workspace

Storage clean up

  • Users can see storage usage/limit and will be warned if storage usage hit a threshold.
  • Users can manually clean up storage

CronJob/Job management

  • Users can manage all cronjobs across workspaces
  • Users can manage all jobs (scheduled from a cronjob and triggered by hand or events)

Event webhook

  • Users can set up webhooks to request events to certain endpoints when events (ex: Scheduled Job Failed) happen on CannerFlow.

Upgrade data access auditing

  • Track more events that happened on CannerFlow

Schema history enhancement

  • Will integrate with our new data catalog interface and enhance usability.

Upgrade Backup/Recovery Mechanism

  • Users can schedule a backup job on CannerFlow or manually trigger a backup.
  • Users can backup data thru FTP to an internal NAS, or bucket on the cloud.

Payment model enhancement

  • Users can pay thru the marketplace on cloud providers.

SQL Explorer result can be shown in excel-like UI

  • Users can see the query result in an excel-like UI and copy selected cells just like using excel.